"Hi Lisa, I just wanted to email to say thank you for the swimming lessons on saturday, both Harrison and Isla loved them. I cannot speak highly enough of swim academy and I am always telling everyone how fanatstic you all are!
My first experiance was with Isla and Sarah's lessons were so fantastic, her knowledge and relationships with the children in the group were first class. I was so reluctant to give up my Wednesday sessions with her I even delayed going back to work full time. I didn't think that it would be possible for another tutor to be so good, but Caireen and yourself are just as fantastic. I am lucky that I discovered you early for isla but I know with all of your tutors patience and guidance Harrison will love the water just as much as his baby sister. Thank you again

Sam & Isla, Portreath classes 2012

"Just to say I am very much enjoying the swimming and feel that Elsie and I have learnt so much from each session and not just about swimming. It's been great for bonding!"

Emma & Elsie, St Ives classes 2011

"I can't wait until next week's session.Just emailing to say we will most definitely be returning next term to continue swimming. This was never actually the plan, I am due to return to work in February, but I have arranged to have Mondays off specially for the classes - they far, far, far exceeded my expectations and it is, quite simply, my favourite past time with Lola! In fact, I think we spend more time together in the swimming pool than any other time. If she's a bit moody, we go swimming and all is well! Thank you so much for last term, its fantastic to see the diffence in Lola from the first class until now. I took her yesterday and she managed to kick and go a tiny distance on her catamaran on her own :) (I think the pool attendent was slightly shocked when I started 'woooping' and clapping randomly!) Thanks so much again."

Jenna & Lola, Mullion classes 2011

"I would really like to thank you for all the hard work you've put int, in teaching our little ones to swim. I am really glad we chose your classes, we've really enjoyed our little group and made some lovely friends."

Estelle & Ava, Portreath classes 2010

"Thank you so so much for all our swimming lessons. Rosie got pulled under a wave at the weekend and came up shouting "Reach,Reach,Reach" and went straight back into the sea. This is the reason we have the lessons, to be happy and confident but to respect the water, thank you so so much for this. I cannot tell you how much I have talked about swim academy in the last few days, you have done far more for Rosie and Alfie's confidence than i ever imagined, and this weekend I saw it in action. Incredible."

Vanessa HIll, Rosie & Alfie, Mullion classes 2010

"When I started lessons with Swim Academy for Babies, it was with my third child. I hated the water, avoided it at all costs, and, quite frankly was very scared of it! My sister encouraged me to try, and wow, I am so glad I did! It has given me, and of course, Nathaniel (who incidentally has loved it from day one!) so much confidence, we try and swim at least three times a week, and it is our best activity to do together as a family by far! I think the main reason for this is being taught the safety aspects of being in the water, including, of course, how to submerge safely!"
Lydia Biggs & Nathaniel, Portreath classes 2010

"No one should miss out on the amazing experience offered by Swim Academy for Babies! It was by far the most enjoyable and rewarding baby/toddler activity we have participated in. My 2-year-old daughter is an accomplished, ultra-confident, enthusiastic swimmer, thanks to the superb instruction we received and the special parent/child bonding that is nutured throughout the learning process. We have made fantastic friends in our 2 years with Swim Academy, and I sincerely hope I get the chance to experience it all again one day..."
Kristen & Cassie, Mullion classes 2008-9

"I also want to say a huge thank you for everything that you have taught Carey (and me!!) so far! I know that every mum feels the same about her child, but it makes me so proud to see Carey in the water as that was one of things that I wanted him to be confident about from before he was born and I really am so happy that he loves the water so much, which is down to you and your wonderful teaching methods. I realised when I was singing Carey's praises to my mum that I hadn't said thank you to you, but I hope you know that we really appreciate how wonderful a teacher ylou are and hope Carey continues to be happy and confident in the water. Thanks again!!"
Rachel & Carey, Portreath classes 2008-10

"Can I take this oppurtunity to thank you for the lessons, they have been fantastic. Daniel has loved every minute of them and I can feel my confidence in the water building too. It's just a shame that my working hours are clashing with the mon class as I would have loved to have stayed on in this group (although I think 2 of the other girls are wishing to move to thurs aswell due to work commitments) and with yourself teaching."
Caireen & Daniel, Redruth classes 2009-10

"Thanks so much for another brilliant term and making the whole experience of putting our babies into the water fun and not at all scary."
Sarah & Evie, Portreath classes 2009-10

"We have loved swimming this term, it's the best baby activity we've done! It's something I plan to do with William until he's too big for your lessons!"
Bryony & William, St Ives classes 2009-10

"We're both looking forward to the start of the new term, I can't believe how much he swam on his own today, albeit underwater, but still swimming! I'm sure it's your big smile that makes the difference and gives all of the babies more confidence."
Mandy & Finn, Redruth classes 2008-10

"I would like to say that you have been fantastic and Isla Malu has achieved so much in the past 10 months. We will certainly carry on swimming regularly... you have given her such confidence in the water which I can now use to develop her swimming ability. Thanks for being such a wonderful teacher and for inspiring us all."
Reecy & Isla, Portreath classes 2008-9

"I'd like to take this opportunity to say a very big thank-you for teaching us.. Lola absolutely loves you and you have such a wonderful way with all the babies. We have enjoyed ourselves immensely and I hope that one day we will return..."
Louise & Lola, Portreath classes 2008-9

"Thank you so much for the time that Morgan and i have spent with Swim Academy it is definately the best thing i could ever have done for him and he enjoys it so much."
Sarah & Morgan, Portreath classes 2008-9

"We really enjoyed the lesson on Friday the group is a really nice one with a lovely atmosphere I think.I also want to say how well I feel you 've done since taking over the business you have a very professional approach to it. You are very friendly and make the lessons really fun you are a natural teacher helping us all to learn babes/toddlers and Mum's alike, in structured way that still feels informal. So thank you very much"
Helen & Maddie, Mullion classes 2008-10

"One reason I was dithering in the first week about whether to continue was the 36 mile round trip to Portreath. However, we missed the class so much because you create such a lovely atmosphere that I've decided the distance is worth it."
Rosalind & James, Portreath classes 2008

"Thank you so much for the wonderful lessons we have attended, we have all thoroughly enjoyed them and they have provided us with wonderful memories of such a precious time."
Sarah, Jamie & Alexander, Portreath classes 2008-9

"Just to say how much we really enjoyed this term- you do such a good job! We are looking forward to next term..."
Lucy Holloway & Pip Portreath 2008-9

"Sarah has done an amazing job with Swim Academy for Babies. I can't believe how much my eleven month old has taken to the water and I love watching his and my confidence grow. The classes are a wonderful bonding experience and also great to meet other mums and their water babies! "
Vikki and Ben, Portreath classses 2008-9

"We are really enjoying your class Sarah, thank you. .. Well done to you, because I know it is not always easy taking on a business someone else has started. Everyone says wonderful things about the Swim Academy for Babies. Certainly at my yoga class, the others were in awe of us because I happened to say that we were going today ..."
Emily & Felix, Portreath 2008

"We really are keen to keep up the swimming next term with you as this term has been brilliant, and I am so pleased Hannah is so good in the water, and its all your help that has made her so confident and happy so thank you again"
Tamsin & Hannah, Portreath & Mullion classes 2008-9

"Thank you so much for a fabulous term of classes - they have been, without doubt, the best thing we have done with Cassius and we are really looking forward to practising throughout the summer and starting again in September!"
Doremi & Cassius, Portreath 2008-10

"We all left the session very thrilled with how brilliant it had been, lots of care for our children, lots of lovely new ideas and we all so enjoyed ourselves. Looking forward to tomorrow."

"Thank you very much for two fantastic swimming lessons last week, it is magic for me to see Rosie so so enjoying herself, congratulations on creating such a wonderful environment for them. I loved the mini water polo!"
Vanessa & Rosie, Mullion 2008-10

"Really loving the sessions.  You are brilliant in keeping everyone so calm!  I never realised babies had so much natural bouyoncy.  Thankyou again for making it so enjoyable!"

"We have really really enjoyed our term with you and have learnt SO much! You have really given us the confidence to do so many things which I didn;t think would be possible. Thankyou so much - you are brilliant!!"
Janine & Alistair, Portreath 2008

"I really enjoyed the session with you and thought that it was really well structured with lots going on."
Tracey & Kitty, St Ives 2008-9

"We had such a lovely lesson today, thank you. Looking forward to next week already."
Jenny & Jemima, St Ives 2008-9

"No need to reply but I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I and especially charlotte enjoyed our swimming lesson yesterday!!!!"

Helen & Charlotte, Mullion 2008-9

"...I only recommend people because Joe and I have such a lovely time with you!"
Louise & Joe, Portreath 2008

Underwater photos - Jago
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